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Re: How to set up apt-get archive

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On Tuesday 10 December 2002 7:09 pm, Stephen Birch wrote:
> Perhaps this isn't documented?
> Could someone give an overview of how one creates the /dists... directory
> tree for a set of deb files?

I think it depends on how many .deb files you have.  If you want a mirror of a 
large chunk of a debian distribution, then use apt-move, or apt-proxy.  If 
you have only a few files (for instance I have the 284 packages that make up 
qt, kde and kdevelop) then proceed as follows

1) Create an override file.  You can probably get one from a debian archive, I 
build mine from hand - I decided to put all the packages in a single 
subdirectory.  I created mine in /var/www/debian (where my document root for 
the web server is /var/www)

If you want to create one by hand its very simple - each package goes on a 
single line 

<package name> optional <subdir>  

Where "optional" is the actual text and is the priority of the package 
(obviously if you want something different then change it)

So a small part of my override file is ...

amor            optional        kde
ark             optional        kde
arts-dev        optional        kde
artsbuilder     optional        kde
arts            optional        kde
cervisia        optional        kde
eyesapplet      optional        kde
fifteenapplet   optional        kde
flashkard       optional        kde
gideon-data     optional        kde
gideon-dev      optional        kde
gideon-doc      optional        kde
gideon          optional        kde
kaboodle        optional        kde


(I don't think they have to be in alphabetical order - I just did it that way)

2) Put all the debs into the appropriate subdir (in my case 
/var/www/debian/kde )

3) Run

dpkg-scanpackages . override | gzip > Packages.gz

4) put the following into your /etc/apt/sources.list line

deb http://www.yourdomain.com/debian/ ./

[ensure you have all the right / and . s]

5) apt-get update

And then select the packages that you want.
(Note the order of your sources.list lines matter if the version numbers from 
the debs in your archive and from other places are the same)

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Alan Chandler
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