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Re: capture realaudio -- with esdrec?

On Mon, 2002-12-09 at 21:04, sean finney wrote:
> heya,
> i had to do something similar myself recently, and iirc vsound did
> the trick.  check it out (it's in the vsound package).  if not there's
> another package or two that also do a similar job (do an apt-cache search
> sound record dsp or something).

vsound does not work for me at all.  

$ vsound -v -t -f vsound.out realplay  

Output file:   vsound.out       
Temp AU file:  ./vsound4306.au  
About to start the application. The output will not be available
until the application exits. 
 [exit realplay]   
Missing file ./vsound4306.au.   
This means that the libvsound wrapper did not work correctlty.
Here are some the possible reasons :
 - You are trying to record a stream (RTSP or PNM protocol) from 
   the internet. You will need to use the --timing option.
 - The program you are trying to run is setuid. You will need to 
   run vsound as root.
 - Vsound was not properly installed and hence won't work at all.

I'm not trying to record a stream, but even so, the --timing option does
nothing.  realplay and xmms and other apps I've tried this with are not
setuid, but even so, running as root makes no difference.  This is
installed from the testing .deb and all dependencies are met.  Trying
the --stdout flag returns "Error : cannot specify both --verbose and
--stdout." even when I didn't specify --verbose.  vsound never puts
anything in /tmp either.  

So, I try esdrec, which seems to work, giving me a nice big output file,
but nothing recognizes the format.  Even esdplay says:

Audio File Library: 'esd.out': unrecognized audio file format [error 0]

The esd documentation is criminally useless, along the lines of "esdrec
invokes the esdrec command."  Most of the pages don't even tell you what
the flags do, and the stuff in /usr/share/doc/esound isn't any better.

Anyone know what this format might be, and what might be able to convert

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