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Re: phpgroupware setup guide

Jacob S. wrote:
> On Mon, 09 Dec 2002 11:50:46 +0000
> Chris Lale <ctlale@coolscience.co.uk> wrote:
>>Jacob S. wrote:
>>>Can anyone point me in the direction of a good tutorial for setting
>>>up phpgroupware on a Debian Woody box? I think I've finally gotten
>>>all the proper packages installed for it to run on a mySQL database,
>>>but I know very little about where to go next. I also found that the
>>>docs at www.phpgroupware.org seem to be lacking quite a bit.
>>Have you actually got it running? I had no luck. The phpgroupware
>>package removed php4 and installed php3. It also installed mysql.
>>Could you tell me what packages you have installed/configured?
> No, not really. I'm stuck at the very beginning. Beginning meaning I can
> get the login prompt for "Setup/Config Admin Login" and "Header Admin
> Login", but as soon as I enter the proper password I'm greeted by a nice
> white page that says
> "Warning: Failed opening
> '/usr/share/phpgroupware//phpgwapi/inc/class.db_.inc.php' for inclusion
> in ./inc/class.setup.inc.php on line 42
> Fatal error: db is not a class in ./inc/class.setup.inc.php on line 43"

To get the login page, I had to copy the /usr/share/phpgroupware/
directory to /var/www/ (http root for apache).

For Setup/Config Admin Login I just get a blank white page whether I use
a password or not.

I can login as Header Admin (with or without password) but I get this

No MySQL support found. Disabling
No Postgres-DB support found. Disabling
No Microsoft SQL Server support found. Disabling
No Oracle-DB support found. Disabling

did not found any valid DB support !
try to configure your php to support one of the above mentioned dbs or
install phpgroupware by hand

Did you make any changes to /etc/php3/apache/php.ini ?

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