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Re: Setting up a mirror for local use

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El Mar 10 Dic 2002 14:14, Jamin W. Collins escribió:
> On Tue, Dec 10, 2002 at 12:21:50PM +0100, Jos? Manuel P?rez wrote:
> > I send the bash script I use to get the mirror. You can modify the
> > script for your needs.
> It's worth noting that the script you provided relies on "debmirror"
> which is part of testing and unstable, but not part of stable.

Yes, you are right. Some time ago I used another script based on rsync (that I 
think it's available in stable) but people that manages the network where I 
work used to close as many ports as possible, and of course they closed rsync 
ports. So, now I use debmirror based script. But I use testing or unstable

> Additionally, if you want others to have access to the mirror you'll
> likely need to set up an FTP server or HTTP server to provide access to
> it.


> If you have any questions on the script, please feel free to ask.

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