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Re: port :80 and my ISP

On Tue, 2002-12-10 at 04:54, Shawn Lamson wrote:

> http://www.cablemodemhelp.com/portscan.htm
> worked - it said port 80 is closed, but how can i tell if there is
something on my computer closed it or if the ISP closes it?  Maybe a
program that will tell me it has recieved requests or packets on that
port, something that runs on my machine.  I know there are programs like
that , I just am not familiar with the name or usage, so would
appreciate a tip on it.  THank you for your response though - at least I
know that i didnt "mess up" with apache, esp since I can access my page
on port 8000!

Try "nmap -v localhost" -- or preferably "nmap -v <yourmachine>" from
another machine on your LAN, since some ports will be open to yourself
but closed to the outside.

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