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Can I add sound with an unrecognised SouthBridge?

I bought a new m/b and CPU a week ago. An Epox 8K5A2 which has a KT333 Northbridge and a VT8235 Southbridge.

Initially I could not get X to work, with a Nvidia Geforce2 MX400, but saw something suggesting I should move from my 2.4.17 kernel to the 2.4.19. I do not remember what the reason given was, but it worked. I'd like to get sound working, not urgent, but for completeness.

"sndconfig' sees the VT8235 as it predecessor,a VT8233, and assumes that it has the standard Via codec. It doesn't. Epox used the RealTek ALC650.

There is a Linux patch for the ALC650 on the RealTek website. Can I assume that it will work, if the kernel does not recognise the Southbridge?

My reading of the Via site is that it is the VT8235 that actually provides the sound.


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