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Re: from intel onboard Lan and audo to install 2.4.50

On Mon, Dec 09, 2002 at 06:56:12PM -0700, eric lin wrote:
> I tried put a line in /etc/modutils/actions
> insmod eepro autodetect=1 IO=d880 IRQ=11
> reboot , still not work
> (may be sytax is wrong, have any opinion? do see man page have its 
> syntax on the option feature)

You don't need to reboot to check it out... just do the insmod as root
from the command line. Much easier.

> some say newest kernel 2.5.50 can solve all above hardware(intel board 
> on board LAN and audio ) problem, so I download full tar.gz, choose what 
> my hardware fit
> make install
> error happen, I justify one of it, first one, in 
> linux-2.4.50/include/asm-i386/io_apic.h
> containing sis_apic_bug  not include its .h file
> then re do  make install
> still error, this time I have no clue

2.5.50 is a development kernel. This means it's pretty well guaranteed
NOT to work unless you're an advanced kernel hacker. I'd leave it
alone if I were you.


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