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Re: crontab

On Mon, 09 Dec 2002, Steve wrote:

> I set up a crontab to run at hourly intervals as both user root and user 
> news. This is to run leafnode. By accident I noticed that there was a daily 
> cronjob set up I guess by the Leafnode deb, but I don't understand how it 
> works - it references the debian-config in my /etc/news/leafnode directory.

The leafnode cronjob file is found in /etc/cron.daily.
It first says

	# Get configuration
	. /etc/news/leafnode/debian-config

Here in /etc/news/leafnode/debian-config the type of connection is

	# What sort of network connection do we have?  Valid values are PPP,
	# permanent and none.

The next part regards texpire and newsgroup touching.

The definition of the network-type definitions is found in


Network connection type

The Leafnode package can be configured for use on two kinds of network 
connection - PPP and permanent.  The option chosen controls when
fetchnews is run.  If you select PPP, it will be started every time you
bring up a PPP connection (or any other type of network connection which
runs the scripts in /etc/ppp).  Otherwise, it will be run daily from the
cron.daily scripts.  The setting can be changed running 'dpkg-reconfigure


As I found out if you want to change the network option the
'dpkg-reconfigure leafnode' is not working for the network-type.

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