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Re: Modem

I have to buy new modem and I have dilemma what to buy. Is there any
suggestion? What is better usb or serial modem, external or internal, and
what's more important which modem works on Debian?

All modems are serial -- that just refers to the way they send bits to the computer (e.g. USB = Universal Serial Bus). Despite the extra cost, I prefer external modems. The diagnostic lights are invaluable and I'm assured that an external won't be a WinModem.

The key is to avoid a WinModem or softmodem. These are barely support in Linux (a few models are, but the vast majority aren't). WinModems dump processing onto the OS (Windows) via a device driver and thus save some money on hardware/circuitry.

When buying an internal modem you can find models that are not WinModems, but you have to ask and double-check (often the sales people will lie and tell you that it's not a WinModem just to sell something). Sorry, can't help you with USB modems as I have no experience with them.

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