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Re: Using debian woody as a firewall.

On Mon, Dec 09, 2002 at 05:51:57PM +1100, Joyce, Matthew wrote:
> If I load woody on instead of ipcop, I can get it to do email + firewall
> stuff.
> My question is, is the a firewall product wich give me the web config ipcop
> does, and the easy install/setup.
> Ipcop was one of the smoothest installs I have done and I'm reluctant to get
> rid of it for something not as good.

IMHO, I am not a fan of HTML interfaces.  However, I use ipmasq on my
debian woody box to do ipmasq/NAT/firewalling.  (One benefit of the
Linux solution is that you can install squid and set up a web
cache/proxy to decrease bandwidth usage.)  Check the
/usr/share/doc/ipmasq/examples/stronger directory for the firewall
rules.  The files are sufficiently commented and the manpages aren't
too hard to understand either.

Edward Guldemond

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