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Re: sound card on intel board not work, please help

AC97 is supported by WindowsXP, because I have one in my other computer and
it woks like a charm. As for Linux, to use AC97, you must recompile your
kernel and enable it.

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Sent: Sunday, December 08, 2002 7:18 PM
Subject: sound card on intel board not work, please help

> Dear linux advancer:
>    I had intel D845PESV , come with AC97 and eeproLAN, both all not work
> in 2.4.20 .  like AC97, I put it in /etc/modules
> reboot it still have no sound(I assume gnome will have sound at login
> and logout as end user)
> please help on that, actually in windowXP I also have no osund, I
> remember XP install warn me AC97 is not compatible with windowXP, but I
> still let that software dirver install from XP cd.  it had no sound
> hope to see any advancer in linux can let this chip work before windowr.
> also is Koda  digital Camera using USB be supported?  Highly apprecaite
> your reply and help and effort and time
> sincere Eric
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