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Re: How insecure are cable connections, versus dialup?

hi ya  chip

On Sat, 7 Dec 2002, Jeffrey Taylor wrote:

> Your exposure is how much time you spend connected.  Cable or dial-up
> makes little difference.  In both cases you should have a firewall.
> Quoting Chip Rose <ncrose@pinn.net>:
> > I'm thinking of getting a Cox cable connection/modem, and was wondering
> > how hard it is to make the static IP address secure.  I don't have a lot
> > of knowledge in this area.  What is needed?  A cable modem that I could
> > lease or buy on Ebay, and a network interface card, and turn off all
> > unneeded services - how easy would it be for someone to hack me, and what
> > all could they generally accomplish?  Is getting a cable connection a
> > no-no for someone of my limited knowledge level?

PPP dialups shoould be more secure ... ( less people on that copper )
	- just you and the isp and anybody else using that ppp server

cable ... its you and all your neighbors .... watching/sharing that copper

cable or ppp makes no differences for ya in terms of security
	- get the benefit of faster downloads w/ cable
	(no difference ==> you wont know till some homework has been done)

some folks like to sniff passwds... those are some of the ones you
should worry about... ( there are ssh based pwd sniffers too )
	- they break into the easiest box to break into and
	sniff passwds of eveybody else
		( login once and stay logged in -- my paranoia level )

if security is an issue
	- keep your ppp dialup passwd different from other passwd
	- keep your email acct ( chip@foo.com ) different
	  than your login acct ( crose ) and diff pwd
	- keep your vpn login and pwd different than the above

	- lots of other "security howto" depending on your paranoia level
	( basic minimum, backup your stuff you care about,
	( use secure services like ssh instead of telnet/ftp/ppp,
	( harden your server ( turn stuff off you dont need ),
	( get a separate box for your firewall and gateway
	( ...blah...

if someone wanted to play with your box..
	- they can have you send out their spam for thjem
	- they can "rm -rf /" your machine
	- they can run games, or use your machine for distributing
	  whatever their buddies will be downloading

- tightening your box
	- follow debian's security-hwoto
	- get somebody to help you setup your firewall

have fun

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