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Re: How insecure are cable connections, versus dialup?

Your exposure is how much time you spend connected.  Cable or dial-up
makes little difference.  In both cases you should have a firewall.
Disabling unneeded servers is a good idea in all cases.  Debian 3.0
installs and enables all kinds of insecure services (e.g., SunRPC,
portmapper) by default.


Quoting Chip Rose <ncrose@pinn.net>:
> I'm thinking of getting a Cox cable connection/modem, and was wondering
> how hard it is to make the static IP address secure.  I don't have a lot
> of knowledge in this area.  What is needed?  A cable modem that I could
> lease or buy on Ebay, and a network interface card, and turn off all
> unneeded services - how easy would it be for someone to hack me, and what
> all could they generally accomplish?  Is getting a cable connection a
> no-no for someone of my limited knowledge level?
> Thank,
> Chip

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