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Re: C-Media CMI 8738 soundcard

    "mtsouk" == mtsouk  <mtsouk@freemail.gr> writes:

    mtsouk> Hello to everyone.  I have downloaded kernel 2.4.18
    mtsouk> sources and built a custom kernel.  I want some quick and
    mtsouk> dirty instuctions on how to install and test my C-Media on
    mtsouk> board CMI 8738 soundcard and know that it is working
    mtsouk> properly.

Include the cmpci module in your custom kernel. Read the cmpci
documentation in the kernel documentation directory for more hints!
The file is called CMI8338.

I use a prebuilt Debian 2.4.18-k7 and modprob'ing cmpci is enough
(Soyo K7V Dragon+ mobo).


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