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Re: C-Media CMI 8738 soundcard

On Sat, Dec 07, 2002 at 04:26:41PM +0200, mtsouk@freemail.gr wrote:
> Hello to everyone.
> I have downloaded kernel 2.4.18 sources and built a custom kernel.
> I want some quick and dirty instuctions on how to install and test my
> C-Media on board CMI 8738 soundcard and know that it is working properly.
> I would rather prefer to use the kernel and not any other drivers (like
> alas), if possible.

Presumably you built the kernel with CMI8738 support. There's not a
lot else you need to do, at least I didn't.

If you modularised it, you may need to make sure that cmpci.o is
loaded. For some reason mine didn't load automatically so I had to
insmod it by hand. After another kernel rebuild it stopped
misbehaving; I never did find out what was wrong.

To test it try

cdda2wav -q -e -D/dev/cdrom -N -B

This plays a music CD 'digitally', ie. it reads data off the CD and
passes it to the DAC in the sound card, as opposed to the 'normal' CD
playing method where the CD-ROM drive does the D-A conversion and
squirts analogue audio down a separate cable to the sound card.

That's for a CD-ROM on ide-cd; if yours is on [ide-]scsi you'll need to
use the -Dn,n syntax instead of /dev/cdrom. I can't use cdda2wav with
my CD-ROM on ide-scsi, so only my CD-RW uses that.

If you're interested in S/PDIF, you'll find that the kernel drivers
don't fully support it, and this URL will come in handy:


The app cmictl which you can download from here gives you control over
the S/PDIF features.


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