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dselect install get's stuck with console-data config -- please help!


I just switched from Debian Woody stable to testing (by substituting the 'stable' in
/etc/sources.list with 'testing' - I hope that's the right way).

This seemed to go quite smoothly. Afterward the initial dselect *update* and dselect *install* run
had finished, I ran dselect *select* to check out what new packages are available and selected

The download ran for quite a while and then a preconfigure script broke off the message that's
below. I've seen config scripts fail before, but usually that doesn't stall the dselect, this one
does -- I had to ctrl-c -- now my var/cache/apt/archives is filled up with packages and the /tmp/
is full of config scripts.

When I ran dselect *select* again, those packages I selected don't turn up under up-to-date, but
under available, marked "not installed; install (was install)".
I suppose that means the packages are currently missing!

What is this console-data config problem and how can I fix it?


381 packages upgraded, 81 newly installed, 1 to remove and 0  not 
Need to get 0B/247MB of archives. After unpacking 111MB will be used.
Do you want to continue? [Y/n]
Preconfiguring packages ...
get(console-data/keymap/policy) said  at /tmp/config.12467 line 442, 
<STDIN> line 5.
console-common failed to preconfigure, with exit status 255
No default for console-data/keymap/qwerty/brazilian/standard/keymap - 
picking one
No default for console-data/keymap/qwerty/macedonian/standard/keymap - 
picking one
No default for console-data/keymap/qwerty/latvian/standard/keymap - 
picking one
No default for console-data/keymap/qwerty/ukrainian/standard/keymap - 
picking one
No default for console-data/keymap/qwerty/lithuanian/standard/keymap - 
picking one
No default for console-data/keymap/qwerty/russian/standard/keymap - 
picking one
No default for console-data/keymap/qwerty/canadian/variant - picking 
No default for console-data/keymap/qwerty/turkish/standard/keymap - 
picking one
No default for console-data/keymap/fggiod/layout - picking one
No default for console-data/keymap/fggiod/turkish/standard/keymap - 
picking one
No default for console-data/keymap/dvorak/layout - picking one
No default for console-data/keymap/qwertz/german/apple_usb/keymap - 
picking one
No default for console-data/keymap/qwertz/swiss/variant - picking one

If you have information about what choice should be the default for
the above questions which gave warnings, please mail it to
console-data@packages.debian.org.  Thanks for your help.

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