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Re: Debian cannot find the CD

Barry Cugley wrote:

Hello all
Debian cannot find the CD drive (though Windows 98 can) so I have used the vi editor to change the file system table. Unfortunately, the CD is still not being found by Debian. I have changed the line in /etc/fstab
/dev/cdrom    /cdrom     iso9660 defaults,noauto         0  0
/dev/cdrom    /cdrom     iso9660 defaults,noauto,users        0  0
After restarting the computer, putting a cd in its drive and double clicking on the cd icon, I get the message:
"mount: special device /dev/cdrom does not exist"

/dev/cdrom is usually just a symlink to the actual device, in many cases /dev/hdc.

Try "mount /dev/hdc /cdrom" as a test; if that works, then you can make the symlink like this:
   ln -s /dev/hdc /dev/cdrom
so your /etc/fstab will pick up on it in the future. If it doesn't work, either try the other two likely possibilities (assuming normal IDE setup and assuming /dev/hda is your hard drive) of /dev/hdb and /dev/hdd.


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