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Re: Debian cannot find the CD

"Barry Cugley" <barryc@cygnus.uwa.edu.au> writes:
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(Can you configure your mail reader to only send plain-text mail,
especially to mailing lists?  HTML mail makes my spam filter unhappy...)

> Debian cannot find the CD drive (though Windows 98 can) so I have
> used the vi editor to change the file system table. Unfortunately,
> the CD is still not being found by Debian.
> I have changed the line in /etc/fstab
> /dev/cdrom    /cdrom     iso9660 defaults,noauto         0  0
> to:
> /dev/cdrom    /cdrom     iso9660 defaults,noauto,users        0  0
> After restarting the computer, putting a cd in its drive and double
> clicking on the cd icon, I get the message:
> "mount: special device /dev/cdrom does not exist"

Do you have a /dev/cdrom symlink?  (What does 'ls -l /dev/cdrom' say?)
You need it to point to the actual CD-ROM device.  If you type
'dmesg', the output should include a line for each IDE device you have
attached; one of them will say something like 'hdc: CD-ROM device',
though probably with the manufacturer name and model number.  As root,

  cd /dev
  rm -f cdrom
  ln -s hdc cdrom
  chgrp cdrom hdc

(Using the right name for 'hdc'.)  Also, make sure you add yourself to
the 'cdrom' group ('adduser username cdrom' as root), and then log out
and log in again.

This is entirely different if you're using devfs, but I suspect you're
not (you'd probably know if you are, but to be certain, check to see
if you have a /dev/.devfsd file).

David Maze             dmaze@mit.edu          http://www.mit.edu/~dmaze/
"Theoretical politics is interesting.  Politicking should be illegal."
	-- Abra Mitchell

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