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RE: help configuring my monitor resolution...

said alan brown (on 2002-12-05),

> So I'm not sure that I'm
> truly out of x-windows (though I think perhaps I am).

No, you're not out of X at that point.

> So my question is, How can I use the keyboard to kill X-Windows (as my
> mouse is dead)?

Ctrl-alt-backspace should kill X.  This can be disabled in XF86Config-4 by
setting the DontZap option.

Ctrl-alt-F1 - F6 switches to text console 1-6.  DontVTSwitch is the
related config option.

If you don't like/want/need/ a graphical login you can remove or
disable whichever display manager you are using, or just shut it off eg.
/etc/init.d/gdm stop.

> And while I'm at it, how can I truly shut down linux.  Because I am not
> offered that option from the login page.  Isn't there some simple set of
> keystrokes that will tell linux to shutdown from anywhere like
> ctrl-alt-delete does in Windows?

Ctrl-alt-delete can be used from a text console to reboot.  Edit
/etc/inittab to allow this.

Also check out MagicSysRq in the linux source code.  This is useful for
safely shutting down if your system "locks up" or something.

You might want to disable keyboard shutdown functionality and just use

> BTW - FWIW I've found Debian much easier to install than I expected it
> would be.

Yeah, I don't know what's supposed to be so hard about it.

Check out #debian on irc.openprojects.net if you haven't already.


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