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RE: help configuring my monitor resolution...

I tried reconfiguring but now I'm in a worse pickle than ever...

When I first installed Xserver I was at least able to ctrl-alt-delete
out of it (returning to a console view of the world), and edit the
XF86Config-4 file and then run startx again and see how my changes
changed X-Windows' behaviour.  But now I'm stuck within gnome and my
mouse is dead.  Ctrl-alt-delete has no effect.  And even if I did have a
working mouse, I'm unclear how to get truly out of the GUI.  When I
logout of Gnome I go to the graphical log-in page and am offered no
options other than logging right back in.  So I'm not sure that I'm
truly out of x-windows (though I think perhaps I am).

So my question is, How can I use the keyboard to kill X-Windows (as my
mouse is dead)?  

And while I'm at it, how can I truly shut down linux.  Because I am not
offered that option from the login page.  Isn't there some simple set of
keystrokes that will tell linux to shutdown from anywhere like
ctrl-alt-delete does in Windows?

Help is appreciated as I'm a recent windows convert and I'm struggling
to process the linux functionality through my expectation of windows

BTW - FWIW I've found Debian much easier to install than I expected it
would be.  It's when something doesn't go according to plan that there's
so much more to learn than in Windows.  At least for a windows user...


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said alan brown (on 2002-12-04),

> The screen appears stuck on a 800x600 resolution.  I've looked at the
> manual

try auto configuring X with debconf and the discover (and mdetect)

make sure you have discover and mdetect installed;
backup your 'good' XF86Config-4;
purge X: dpkg --force-depends --purge xserver-xfree86
reinstall and autoconfigure X:  apt-get install xserver-xfree86

autoconfiguration only works with a fresh install - dpkg-reconfigure
not redo it.

HT works for you.


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