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Re: your mail

On Sat, Nov 30, 2002 at 09:56:45AM -0700, Gregg & Monica wrote:
> I need to know if my computer can support debian....and I need to knwo if it
> will support the gui...here are my computers info...
> cyrix MII 266Mhz, 4gig hard drive, windows ME loaded and updated, sound card
> w/powered speakers, 2usb ports,scroll mouse, keyboard,56k modem, 24Xcd rom
> <needs drivers>, 32mb memory, video card has s-video, 2 open sdram slots

My main machine at home runs Debian Woody.  It is a Vaio PC505G slim
laptop.  It's got a Pentium MMX 200MHz, 32MB RAM, a 2GB drive, internal
non-winmodem, and pcmcia ethernet card.  

I use fvwm as my window manager running over X v4, and run phoenix (and
sometimes netscape) as my web browser, along with xmms in the background
streaming music into my stereo for me.

It runs plenty fast for most things, though flash is a bit sluggish and
I can't play most movies.  Understand that I use emacs for text editing
and coding, and stay away from wysiwyg word processors.

I think you should be fine, so long as you don't want gnome2 running
enlightenment with the fancy ripple effect and xmms / netscape /
openoffice / evolution / nautilus all running at the same time... ;)

Let me know off-list if you want more info about my X configuration -- I
expect that will be the hardest thing to get going fast enough.  Default
pretty setups these days crunch a whole lot of CPU...  (I really like my
gnome with enlightenment looking all pretty at work...  mmm fast


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