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Re: Help configuring old mozilla compile

Oki DZ wrote:
On Sun, Dec 01, 2002 at 03:24:11AM +0000, Pigeon wrote:

But I've got this infuriating circular problem. It wants to link with
the libraries libjs.a and libjsj.a. What source package are these provided
by? Mozilla. Can I figure out how to get it to build them before it
wants to link with them? No. The docs that came with the package? It's
more or less a case of 'what docs?'

Looks like a lot of questions to me...
What about setting your sources.list into unstable, and then apt-getting
the mozilla-snapshot? I've been using it for a while; I don't think that
I have encountered the problems you had.


I am guessing, but since libjs.a and libjsj.a aren't in the current compiled mozilla tree[there is libjsj.so, but nothing ~close~ to libjs.a], I think he is trying to compile the slink version of mozilla, a snapshot from 10/1998. This is pretty much guaranteed to be a piece of crap no matter how you compile it.

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