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Re: Error: inetd[597]: auth/tcp: bind: Address already in use

Michelle Storm said:
> I keep getting this error repeated. Anyone tell me what is causing it so I
> can look into fixing it?
> System Events
> =-=-=-=-=-=-Dec  2 10:02:41 dragon inetd[597]: auth/tcp: bind: Address
> already in use

1) stop inetd (/etc/init.d/inetd stop)
2) check processes to be sure it is stopped
3) run fuser -n tcp 113
4) see if any processes are returned, if so, stop them
5) if not, check netstat -an | grep 113 and see if anything comes up,
if something comes up in TIME_WAIT then you should wait until it goes away
before starting inetd again(or at least starting inetd with that service)
6) start up inetd again

auth(ident) is most often used for IRC. If you do not use IRC I reccomend
turning it off. It provides no real benefit otherwise, since ident responses
are easily spoofed. I personally run oidentd for my identd needs.


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