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Re: different flavors

"Bruce Park" <bpark79@hotmail.com> writes:

> I'm not sure which flavor to install on my system. After reading the
> manuals, it seems that most USB drivers are within b2f.4 flavor. Is
> this correct? Also, I only have cd1 one of the debian cds. The default
> boot prompt without any argument is designated for the idepci flavor.
> At the boot prompt, can I just type b2f.4 although I'm using disk1?

  On one friend's system, I used the cdrom apt type and chose b2f.4
  flavor and it was pretty slow going (swapping CDs all of the time). On
  another friend's install, we used the net install disk, installed 2.2
  but then later installed the kernel-image-2 2.4.18 package. That went
  a lot quicker.

  Thus, try a default minimum install with the 1st disk (2.2 kernel) and
  grab the rest of the debs off the net. Then install the kernel-image
  of your choosing.

  I'd be interested to hear if one can install Debian with only the
  first disk (assuming they have net access for the rest).

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