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kbdrate as ordinary user

Hi all,

** Debian testing/unstable **

I'm having some trouble here with kbdrate. The problem is that on resume from
an apmd suspend, my laptop defaults back to a keyboard repeat rate of 10, and
that is _really_ slow. Manually executing kbdrate -r30 as root solves that
problem. But of course I don't work as root, and it obviously should be

I've tried putting a little script in /etc/apm/event.d called 'kbdrate', that
looks like this:

# /etc/apm/event.d/kbdrate

if [ "$1" = "resume" ] ; then
        /sbin/kbdrate -r30 -d250

But that doesn't do it.

Also, when executing /sbin/kbdrate as a user, one gets 'Cannot open
/dev/port: permission denied'. I've tried setuid & setguid'ing /dev/port,
doesn't help.

I've even tried setuid & setguid'ing my little kbdrate script in
/etc/apm/event.d, but that doesn't help either.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,

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