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Re: which is the best partition table format?

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On Sunday 01 December 2002 4:45 am, Derrick 'dman' Hudson wrote:
>  I
> ended up creating a single 20GB partition, and currently have a 5GB
> /data/media logical volume and a 1GB /data/prjmgmt (for the cvs root
> and aegis project repository) logical volume.  Both are holding ext3
> filesystems.

Here is the result of a "df" on my system - this is of course a snapshot of 
what it does.  Already come and gone is a LV for a subversion repository and 
an LV for /var/www (I used to hold a debian mirror there created with 
apt-move - but now I just use apt-proxy so I released the space). Of special 
interest is the last entry which is a special LV I created in order to build 
kde debs.  You need an "unstable" system and this machine is running sarge, 
so this partition contains a chrooted unstable system.  I had no idea how 
much space would be needed, and initially allocated 2Gb - I subsequently 
increased it twice (to 3Gb and then to 4Gb) as I started to run out of space.

You will also notice this flexibility encourages small little partitions for 
specific purposes.  All the separate partitions in /bak are various other 
machines backups and since I don't know how much space each might need at 
anyone time its easier to create separate LVs

alan@roo:~$ df
Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/hda1              1921156    864324    959240  48% /
/dev/vg/home           2040400    135072   1801700   7% /home
/dev/vg/roo           10321208   2918092   6878828  30% /bak/roo
/dev/vg/tosh           5160576   2850004   2048428  59% /bak/portege
/dev/vg/pooh          22706684   8292140  13261112  39% /bak/pooh
/dev/vg/arch           4128448    745384   3173352  20% /bak/archive
/dev/vg/var            5184736   1833404   3087960  38% /var
/dev/vg/cvs            2064208    166468   1792884   9% /cvs
/dev/vg/deb            4128448   2857400   1145220  72% /root/deb

The last thing to say is that the Volume Group vg covers three disks (a second 
partition on /dev/hda, most of /dev/hdb - a small swap partiion is also 
allocated - and all of /dev/hdc - although I followed recommendations and 
made a single partition /dev/hdc1).  The /bak/roo LV is all allocated on 
/dev/hdb2 and the other non /bak LVs (apart from the last - which I don't 
backup and therefore did not bother to worry about where it is) NOT on 
/dev/hdb, so I can do genuinely do a disk to disk backup of my system (this 
was why I agonised over whether I needed one or two volume groups in the 
original setup - see earlier post).

- -- 
Alan Chandler
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