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Re: SpamAssassin Config Questions

Thus spake Michelle Storm:
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> Could someone tell me why this bounced? This didn't start until I
> installed spamassassin. This is what I sent and it did arrive at the
> list, but I also got a bounce back? I'd like to fix it, just can't find
> out where to look or what's doing it.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> The reason the mail was not delivered at this time is:
> <debian_user@green.hartshorne.net>: unknown user: "debian_user"

It sounds like you're mailing it off to 'debian_user', rather than
debian-user (which I'm guessing is an alias for the list in your MUA).
Your MTA sees no domain, and assumes it must be a local address, but
then there's no local user name that matches, so it fails and bounces.


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