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Re: load module on boot

Ernesto Marquina wrote:
Hi there,

debian newbie here, I just configured my nvidia geforce2 go to work on my laptop (debian woody), I had to download and compile the nvidia drivers, and now it works fine.

But in order to load the new driver I always have to load the module called NVdriver first by doing

modprobe NVdriver

How can I tell debian to always load it at startup?, and not having to type that command every time I log in?

Thank you

What exactly have you done to come to the conclusion that this is necessary? Do you have the driver set to nvidia in the Device section of your XF86Config-4? I just tested this by logging out of X, stopping gdm, rmmod-ing NVdriver, and then startx-ing by a normal user and X didn't have any problems inserting the driver on its own and starting up.

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