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Re: two different netenvs (work and home)


* Rohan Nicholls <rohan.nicholls@informaat.nl> [021128 09:18]:
> Netenv cannot deal with my adsl connection, so I would like to disable 
> it and make a script that calls dhcp (work) or calls my pptp script. 
> The problem is in init.d there is netenv, but I can find nothing in the 
> rcX.d dirs that is connected to networking, unless it is inetd, but I 
> always thought this was about starting the web server.

inetd is the tcpwrapers stuff, so yes, it _can_ be used for running a
web server.
> I have looked at /etc/init.d/networking and it seems quite low level, so 
> it looks I should run this no matter what.  I guess what I want to do is 
> cut in with my script before the dhcp stuff starts, so I can choose not 
> to use it, but after the network card is activated for the operating system.

If this is the case I'm guessing you are using a pcmcia nic. Yes? If so
the script you should be looking at is /etc/init.d/pcmcia and have a
look at the files in /etc/pcmcia/, particularly

I don't know anything about pptp, (other than what came out of 
"apt-cache show pptp-linux") so I can't give you any hints there.

What I can say is that I use my laptop with three different static IPs,
two very different DHCP servers and with ppp over a modem. I found
that the package "switchconf" handles changing the configurations like
a champ. So: apt-cache show switchconf.



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