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Re: Partition size

Hello Matje, 

Am 10:41 2002-11-25 +0100 hat =?iso-8859-2?q?Mat=ECj=20Hausenblas?=
>I have woody on my PC and since it's working perfectly I'm thinking about 
>removing my other Linuxes (SuSE and Mandrake, there's no more windows;)
>This action will give me two 2GB partitions, so I would like to ask if
>better to make larger /home (which is actually 28GB) or if I should make 
>these partitions useful for other purpose: /tmp /usr /usr/local /var (and 
>something else?)
>If so, what should be the sizes for it; my system is quite workstation
>multimedia and some server applications.
>thanx in advance

I have following partitions on my Multimedia-Machine: 

hda1     100 MByte      /                       very important
hda2     200 Mbyte      swap                    
hda3    5000 MByte      /tmp                    important
hda5     500 MByte      /var                    important
hda6     200 MByte      /var/log                very important
hda7    2000 MByte      /usr 
hda8    4000 Mbyte      /usr/src                important
hda8    4000 Mbyte      /usr/src/compiled       
hda8  ~44000 MByte     /home                    


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