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Re: Partition size

> Hi,
> I have woody on my PC and since it's working perfectly I'm thinking about 
> removing my other Linuxes (SuSE and Mandrake, there's no more windows;)
> This action will give me two 2GB partitions, so I would like to ask if it's 
> better to make larger /home (which is actually 28GB) or if I should make 
> these partitions useful for other purpose: /tmp /usr /usr/local /var (and 
> something else?)
> If so, what should be the sizes for it; my system is quite workstation with 
> multimedia and some server applications.
> thanx in advance
> Matej


I would probably use them for /tmp and /var. I think 2 GB is too small
for /usr, and I personally don't use /usr/local (if it isn't available
as a deb, it is most probably not useful, and for the exceptions I can
always try to make a deb of it myself)
Getting /tmp and /var off your / partition means only sysadmin tasks 
touch /. This means you can't fill it anymore by accident.


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