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Applications started via KDE Kicker in wrong language (via shell ok)


After updating to woody and KDE 3 non-kde-applications started via kicker 
start with the wrong language setting. If I start them via kconsole they 
start up with the right setting (except galeon, which then hangs). 

My guess is that the language environment variables are not set correctly 
before kde starts. (I had some problems with those too, since I got "locale 
not supported by C library errors. running dpkg-reconfigure locales did not 
help, so I added de_DE.ISO-8859-15 ISO-8859-15 in /etc/locale.gen and 
regenereated the locales. This seemed to solve that problem. I don't really 
know why.)

I have LANG, LC_ALL etc. set for de_DE@euro for bash in /etc/language-de and 
source that from environment, profile and bashrc, which seem to work as 
starting via kconsole works (as far as language setting is concerned).

What do I have to change to have them start via kicker in my chosen language 

Any ideas?


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