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Re: smbfs just isn't there

Nope, just installed from 3.0_r0/i386/debian-30r0-i386-binary-1.iso 

I've never compiled any kernels.  I'm curious though how to do it if it's the 
answer to this problem.  Hopefully then I can figure out what went wrong.  

I assume that it should have just been in the kernel, right?  I can count on 
one hand the times I limped through downloading and installing something 
without dselect.   

On Monday 25 November 2002 16:23, nate wrote:
> Tim Verry said:
> > Woody with kernel 2.2.20, newest KDE, updated apache, sendmail, webmin
> > installed, other than that pretty basic.
> from the rest of your comments i get the idea that you possibly compiled
> your own 2.2.20 kernel. the smbfs is part of the kernel not part of
> samba. smbfs in samba I belive is limited to the wrapper scripts to
> call mount.
> If you are running a debianized 2.2.20 kernel which version of the image
> are you running? (dpkg --status kernel-image-2.2.20).
> nate

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