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Open Source file delivery for apache

Dear all,

my boss agreed to distribute some code and information I have written
under the terms of the GNU GPL v2 and the respective documentation
license.  However, he requested me to install a system which allows me
to keep track on who is requesting the data.

This means, a person should be able to register herself by providing a
least a valid email address to which an access code is sent to.  This
access code is then used to download the respective tar-files.

With some effort this could be easily implemented by the use of any
database.  However, I assume solutions for this problem must exist
already.  Therefore my kind asking you: 

Does anybody know of such a system that runs under Debian (unstable ,-) 
together with Apache (1.3.27).

Thanks in advance for any hint!

Lukas Ruf
http://www.lpr.ch                                 http://www.maremma.ch    
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