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i always end-up in frame buffer mode

hello all

when i boot in linux, i always end up in frame buffer mode - despite
setting up vga=normal in /etc/lilo.conf.

here is the entry:

# Specifies the VGA text mode at boot time. (normal, extended, ask, <mode>)
# vga=normal
# vga=9

# Kernel command line options that apply to all installed images go
# here.  See: The `boot-prompt-HOWO' and `kernel-parameters.txt' in
# the Linux kernel `Documentation' directory.
# append=""

manual says normal is for 80*25 and extended is for 80*50! ask prompts
at boot.

what is wrong?


sandip p deshmukh

A prediction is worth twenty explanations.
		-- K. Brecher

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