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Sound card problem

I've got a es1371 as well.  I've spent days trying to get it working with
the OSS drives that come with 2.4.18.  Absolutely no joy.  I don't think
it's because I'm an idiot.  I got my ISA PnP SoundBlaster 16 working OK at
home very quickly (although I can't get it to play .wav files through gnome
or KDE's sound daemons, it can play and record .au files, play CD's and work
with CivCTP)

Far be it from me to say - but Debian's sound configuration leaves a lot to
be desired.  I don't know how many hours I've spent trying to work out what
devices, aliases, modutils entries permissions I need to use to get the
thing going.  I'd love help to sort this all out, and then I'll write a good
howto specifically for Debian users.

Sorry I'm no help.

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On Wed, Nov 20, 2002 at 08:11:57PM +0600, chanka perera wrote:
> In my Debian woody box sound card is not working I'm having creative
> vibra 128 card #sndconfig says Sound module not found you don't seems
> to be running a kernel with modular sound enable (soundcore.o was not
> found) and it's supported with Linux 2.2 but It's impossible because
> it's woody ;)

A quick google shows that at least one person uses es1371 as the driver
for that card.  Try "modprobe es1371", and if that doesn't work, check
the kernel's config to see if sound is modular.

> In KDE it gives an error at startup Error while initializing sound
> drivers Device /dev/dsp can't be open (permision denied) even in root
> I changed #chmod 777 /dev/dsp after that it says (can't open no such
> device)

That makes sense if the hardware is not configured (although to stop the
permissions problem, you should have just added yourself to group

> In /dev there are 3 dsp files it might be the problem (its not
> selected the correct dsp file) but what the config file for sound
> cards?

Probably not the problem, my system (sound working) has them. They
represent different devices (according to devices.txt.gz, digital audio
with dsp being the first soundcard, dsp1, second).


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