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Re: Upgrade from potato to woody?

Felipe Martínez Hermo said:

> If that's enough why debian recommends upgrading using dselect?
> I tried to upgrade my system using dselect+apt and I had to reinstall the
> whole system to get my system running again.

not sure, I have to admit I don't think i've ever read any of
the debian documentation outside of package-specific stuff. apt-get
was out for about a year before I first started using it. I haven't
used dselect I don't think since debian 2.0 and installing debian 2.1(once
the install was done I never used it again, preferred to download and
dpkg -i manually).

I never liked dselect..don't know why it would be reccomended especially
for upgrades, I think I read somewhere that apt-get was specifically
designed to handle dependencies better then dselect for upgrading or

that said, last I checked, dselect did have the ability to call
apt, not sure how long this option has been available at least a year
or 2 I think.


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