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Hurd doubts / could not get grub from its site

I am trying to get a running Debian/GNU/Hurd system , nad
had some problems with grub and with the partition.

I will outline what I did :
 - downloaded the hurd base system.
 - I have a ext3 partition that I think I can do away with .
   mke2fs -o hurd /dev/hda11
 IIRC this hda11 appears in the partition table as :
 logical ext2 hda11

- mount /dev/hda11 testmnt
  cd testmnt
  tar zxpvf <<the base system>>

- Now I try to get the grub boot floppy image from
   Strangely the files there do not indicate any boot floppy or grub- source
package !
 Anyway I downloaded whatever I found there , and never got any grub-install
script or a boot floppy image.
 - I used lilo to try boot  from hda11 (so may be I can get grub) , by

 - lilo -v
   shows that hda11 does not have a valid boot signature.

- cfdisk , anf I give a boot flag to this logical partition (I also find
 neither my / nor my /boot have any boot flags !) , write to the partition
table ,
 and reboot  ... no effect. lilo still feels the same  about hda11 .

Please help.I shall also greatly appreciate if you can get  me a floppy-boot
image or bettr still , the grub - source .


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