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RE: pptp vpn

Title: RE: pptp vpn

For 1., i think ipsec check the integrity of each packet, who is it coming from, who is it going to etc. And it's doing a kind of checksum of each packet, on the data if contains.

Also you have two modes in ipsec.
partial answer anyway...You can read freeswan documentation ;p there is more explanation about it

There's a list of third party clients for windows but it seems that none of them are free except the one builded in win2k

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I have two question about pptp vpn:

1. Is pptp+mppe any insecure? Why? Since the pptpd server can force the
connection to use mppe encryption with the client. How come pptp+mppe is
insecure? Is it because the encryption algorithm or lack of the public key

2. I can easily install freeswan on Linux, but where can I find the Windows
client that can talk with freeswan server?
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