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Re: How do I create a mirror from my CDs


Where is the problem ???

0)      use mc to copy the CD's

1)      Copy a cd to the Harddisk
2)      remove all TRANS.TLB files
3)      remove all Packages.gz files  NOT the Packages files !!!

mount the second CD 

4)      Copy the CD to the Harddisk
5)      If mc warn you about the Packages file, say APPEND !!!
6)      remove all TRANS.TLB files
7)      remove all Packages.gz files  NOT the Packages files !!! 

Repeet the las section for the other 5 CD's

Now make from the Packages files the packages,gz files

Point your ftpd, httpd and nfsd to the Ropt of your Mirror. 

Mount from an other Machine the Mirror and make an 'apt-get update'... 

I have done this with the WOODY CD's from www.lob.de and it works 
quiet well. But I have changed the 'pool' from ./pool to 
./debin/dists/3.0r0/pool and I have repaced the Filename: string 
in the Packages file to correspod with the new location. 

Have Fun

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