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Re: Directory permissions

Yo Madduck,

luv that handle! Donald Duck is one of my favz @ Disney!

Now, where was I? Debian Tux....

haralambos@haralambos:~$ ld -ld / /Hellene
ld: cannot find -ld
haralambos@haralambos:~$ su
haralambos:/home/haralambos# ld -ld / /Hellene
ld: cannot find -ld
haralambos:/home/haralambos# ld -ld ld: cannot find -ld

ld -ld / /Hellene????

I am puzzled why you recommended the linker-which I needed to look up?

Mounting the partition is a snap. While in either Konq or Gnome Commander or Nautilus or Midnight Commander, I try to change the Permissions of a directory & it's subdirectories, so I as a plain user, can write to that directory.

When I use all the above, as root, I get an error message back, say root does not have permission to change the permissions..... I've tried to read info/man on chown & chmod & I am afraid that as a "Geek of very little brain," they did not make sense to me.....

Do you know what I mean, gov?

To wit, help please.


Greek Geek  :-)

While having never invented a sin, I'm trying to perfect several.

martin f krafft wrote:

also sprach Haralambos Geortgilakis <haralambos@ihug.co.nz> [2002.11.18.1219 +0100]:
haralambos:/Hellene# cd Stuff
haralambos:/Hellene/Stuff# ls -ld
drwxr-xr-x   38 root     root        24576 Aug 12 21:09 .

so /Hellene is a VFAT partition? can you give me

 * ld -ld / /Helene
 * mount

what exactly are you trying to do (give me the commands) and what
exactly are the errors?

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