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Re: Gnome2 and SID ?? HOWTO

On Sun, Nov 17, 2002 at 06:07:23PM +0100, Patrick Brunier wrote:
> At the moment I'm waiting...and waiting and waiting until I see GNOME2 show up 
> in dselect. I allready have SID installed but when I do a apt-get update... 
> still no Gnome2 shows up in the dselect lists. apt-get install gnome2 doesn't 
> work. What am I doing wrong ? How do you install Gnome2 ?

Last week I installed gnome-applets (yes, I'm using sid), and silently
some of the Gnome2 libs got installed too. So now my machine is a mix of
Gnome and Gnome2. I like that incremental upgrade; it would be lesser
hairy things, I believe.

BTW, I notice that Nautilus runs a bit faster; a lot more acceptable.
Unfortunately, Galeon2 is not ready yet; so it's time to use Mozilla.

There's some problem with "settings daemon". I don't know what it is,
but the error dialog says that there would be problems with setings like
background, etc. In fact, the background runs fine (it was set from
Gnome). I have problems with Sawfish too; the wm setup doesn't work
well, some of the menus hangs the wm (stuck the settings window).
Enlightenment doesn't get run when was setup from gnomecc
(control-center), so you have to add it into the "startup programs". Now
I'm using Metacity; pretty neat (one install theme package; lots of
themes, of course), except that you couldn't place new windows


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