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Re: SVG-based presentation program?

>>>>> "Jens" == Jens Grivolla <j-news2002-11@grivolla.de> writes:

Jens> Hi, I am looking for a good presentation program (something like
Jens> PowerPoint) for Linux.  So far I have been using mostly Star-
Jens> /Openoffice which is kind of OK, but would be interested in
Jens> alternatives.  I have been using LaTeX (which I use for word
Jens> processing), too, but I don't think it is really the most
Jens> appropriate tool for making slides.

There are several packages for making nice slides with LaTeX.  The best
one I've seen so far is prosper (available as a Debian package).  If you
use Acrobat Reader as your viewer, you get a few nice transitions too
(although I personally find transitions a waste of time).

Jens> I think that using SVG might be good in order to have an open
Jens> format that can be used for beamer-presentations, slides, as well
Jens> as web publishing.  Some quick googling showed me that such
Jens> solutions do exist, but I'd like some recommendations before I try
Jens> them wildly.

Jens> Do you think that using SVG is a good idea?  If so, what good
Jens> (easy to use) authoring tools are there?

sodipodi (available as a Debian package) is the only Linux-based editor
I know of.

The situation looks even worse for viewers, though.  Mozilla's SVG
support is not very good, and you would probably need to build it
yourself, since the Debian packages (and the mozilla.org binaries) don't
include it.  There is a beta version of Adobe's plugin, though, that you
may be able to make work.

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