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Re: apt and dist-upgrade

On Sun, 2002-11-17 at 10:10, Shyamal Prasad wrote:
>     "Vineet" == Vineet Kumar <debian-user@virtual.doorstop.net> writes:
>     Vineet> (or better yet, do the upgrade using dselect or aptitude
>     Vineet> for a good overview of what will be upgraded, what new
>     Vineet> packages need to be installed, what packages are no longer
>     Vineet> used, etc.)
> FYI to the original poster on this thread: the -s (--simulate) flag to
> apt-get is also a good way to see what apt-get is going to do without
> actually doing it.

Also the -u switch?  With that apt tells you what its going to do.  I
find it very useful personally. 

Scott Henson <debian-list@silvercoin.dyndns.org>

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