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Re: apt and dist-upgrade

* Doug MacFarlane (madmac@covad.net) [021116 21:30]:
> I thought apt-get dist-upgrade would take you from woody to sarge, or sarge
> to sid, and so on??  I'm obviously missing something here . . . .

Not exactly.  dist-upgrade is mostly like upgrade, except that it
handles handles dependencies better when there are new packages and/or
packages no longer in the archive.  Specifically, upgrade won't
automatically install any new packages required by upgraded existing
packages on your system, whereas dist-upgrade will.

So, as someone else already mentioned, to use testing, you have to
manually add it to your sources.list, then run dist-upgrade (or better
yet, do the upgrade using dselect or aptitude for a good overview of
what will be upgraded, what new packages need to be installed, what
packages are no longer used, etc.)

good times,
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