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Re: [OT] Moving away from KDE to what?

    "Sandip" == Sandip P Deshmukh <Sandip> writes:

    Sandip> my question - why doesnt debian turn dma on by default?
    Sandip> dont we like fast machines?

Because Debian runs on a lot of different machines. Some of those
don't work well with DMA. As a result of this decision you can install
Debian on these machines. 

Also, remember that Debian runs on many architectures other than i386,
and on machines that often do not have IDE drives. It is hard to keep
every one happy. 

It might even be a good idea to add some information about DMA to a
manual, perhaps the installation manual, as a post install activity,
since this question comes up so often. But I'm not sure too many
people read that manual. Did you? ;-)


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