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Re: Fixed libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2 package

On Thu, 2002-11-14 at 11:05, Craig Dickson wrote:

> Seriously, for your own sake (and this is the generic
> "you", I'm not addressing Paul specifically, as I don't know what he can
> or can't do for himself), why run unstable, which is _intended_ as a
> place for leading-edge testing -- "catch it here before it breaks
> something really important" -- if you aren't able to deal with the
> problems that sooner or later _will_ arise?
> Craig

Some of us using unstable use it because we have to. That is, we have to
if we want to run Debian. For example, I installed unstable for XF86
4.2. w/o it, I had to do a mickey mouse work-around to get my xserver to
start, which to me is way worse. 

I think your point of view on people running unstable only if they can
fix these 'basic' problems that arise is foolhearty. The more people
using unstable, the more bugs that are found, reported, and eventually
fixed for future stable releases. 

Just my pair of lincolns.


Patrick Lane <patrick.m.lane@csun.edu>

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