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Re: Software Selection Internet Admin School

Dan Hunt wrote:

Would you please consider making suggestions for a school?
Inside the school youth log with usernames in a M$ enviroment. I have been asked to suggest software / equipment that would: A) Provide firewall services. B) Log ( capture ) the username and website visited. C) Report this information.
Most of these schools have DSL and only one has dialup.

I do not know enough about network admin to know what debian packages to look at. Does a Log Server http://debianplanet.org/node.php?id=847 do the right job for logging and reporting?

The "Microsoft Network Administrator" felt that by trimming (somehow) the information the workstation info could be left out and ONLY the username and website address could be reported. For Example: Nov 22 2002 09:15 | davey-smith | barbie.com
Nov 22 2002 09:22 | davey-smith | bay-watch-girls.com

Any URL donated will be gratefully evaluated.

I think you'll want to match IPs with user network logins somehow - You will probably want to use the LOG target for iptables, perhaps a little mysql DB on your log host (not on the firewall/router/proxy)and a script to generate reports/another logfile that matches last known user to login to that IP to page viststed - note that this doesnt necesarily(sp) identify who browsed to that page, just who last logged into that workstation...

Then again I could just be full of it.

John P Foster

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