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Re: (semi-OT) JPG files -> Movie file

nate said:

> perhaps something to convert to motion jpeg? or mpeg? or avi?
> (would prefer mpeg-1 due to it's portability but i'll take
> anything).

well for now I think I have to settle on imagemagick. it can
convert a bunch of images(even jpeg) to an animated gif. I
installed ucbmpeg, and also mjpegtools but both immediately
segfault when processing the first JPG file. Actually I
was able to get mjpegtools to create a YUV file without
errors, but once I tried to convert that to MPEG it segfaulted.

imagemagick isn't fast, on my 1.3ghz athlon/768MB it takes
3 minutes 36 seconds to convert 18 23kb files into a 2.6meg
animated gif.

I suppose I could recompile and turn on gif compression to
see how much it drops in size(yeah I know about the
LZW patent)..

I'll look into mplayer as well, someone mentioned it can
convert to AVI, ucbmpeg was easy to compile a deb, and
mjpegtools had a downloadable deb, mplayer looks a tad
more complicated.



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