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Re: [OT] Practical differences between Netgear models

Jonathan Matthews, 2002-Nov-12 17:44 +0000:
> Evening all -
> I'm looking to take my home network up to 100Mbps,
> and I wondered if anyone could give me a clue
> as to the difference between a couple of netgear
> models that I've seen advertised at a fairly decent
> price (~35UKP+tax, I think)
> I'm looking at the FS105 & FS108, versus the
> FS608.
> The datasheets just don't give me much, except the
> number of ports and other /physical/ attributes.
> Are there any real, practical differences between these
> models that I should be aware of?  The model I get will
> not be public facing in any way, so I believe that security,
> e.g. ARP spoofing, won't really be an issue.  Having said that,
> you probably know more than I do ... in fact, I'd bet on
> it :-)

The only difference is the number of ports.  They are part of the
FS100 series.  There is also a 16 port model, the FS116.


Jeff Coppock		Systems Engineer
Diggin' Debian		Admin and User

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